Blog 7 simple things that you can do today to enhance your website

7 simple things that you can do today to enhance your website

enhanceIt is often believed that after a considerable amount of time, websites should be overhauled, but finance considerations and redesign periods (depending on the size of your site and the technology underneath it) usually is the turn-off which keeps turning away visitors.

Here are 7 simple things that you can do today to enhance your website.

1. Highlight your contact information

Most companies’ websites are online because the companies intend to sell products, services, etc, therefore making the contact information easier to find, you raise trust and allow visitors to initiate the sales process more easily. Information such as phone numbers, email address and any other means of reaching your business, should be made prominent, in clear large letters at the top of every page with links to your main contact page on every page.

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2. Get better analysis

It will take a few minutes to set up and you will end with a veritable tool which feeds you information about web traffic to and from your website. Google analytics will also be of benefit in terms of your long-term search enging situation,and to identify what pages users have problems on and will highlight all sort of other information.

3. Remove old and irrelevant content

Overtime sites accumulates excess junk like references to javascript that is no longer in use. Constant review of  your website is advised to ensure that obsolete and irrelevant weight are shed leaving only the relevant bits on your website. This makes your web pages load faster and users are happy getting current relevant information from your site.

4. Make use of alternative (alt) tag

The use of alt tag is common despite much mention of it, web designers and developers often disregard this fact. Alternative tag gives useful tooltip as it allows search engines to easily recognise content on your website. It is also very useful for disabled users to understand content on your website.

5. Communicate with your customers

If your website is designed to attract customers, you will have to use their language and not yours in other to make them stick-around longer, do not use your site to convey corporate messages to employees as customers do not care about those sort of message. Avoid the use of jargons on your website and re-word your content to communicate effectively to your targeted customers then you can be able to attract more customers and may even get some search engine benefits too.

6. Convert all content from original file formats to HTML

Majority of visitors dislike Acrobat or word documents popping open or a file downloading unless. It is absolutely necessary that all content should be converted from their original composition format i.e PDF formart or Word document format to HTML, unless there is a compelling reason to keep the content in those formats. Ensure that no content go into the site as it is without taking time to convert the content to HTML.

7. Noise Friendly is key

Users appreciate noise friendly sites that would not in anyway bring loud surprising noises like advertisement and videos. All Videos and adverts on your site should require a delibrate constent of the user before playing,pages that make noise without user consent drives them off your site especially if it happened at the workplace or some other environment that may bring embarrasment to them. Ensure all advertisements and videos are muted by default.

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