Blog Security Tips for Small Business Websites

Security Tips for Small Business Websites

The Business Importance of Internet Security
With the increasing awareness of the potential to increase business profitability through e-commerce, websites have assumed the position of the face of the business. With this high level of dependence on the internet it is essential that businesses protect their e-commerce systems from the threats posed by viruses and hackers. It is very important to consider the impact of a breach of internet security on a business;
  • It can lead to direct loss of finances as a result of litigation
  • Unwelcome publicity can also lead to further financial loss
  • Customers can sue the business owner for a breach in the regulations on e-commerce such as Data Protection Acts
  • All these would subsequently lead to loss of market share to competition.

...For Small & Medium sized Businesses
For smaller businesses it is very important to work with third-party specialists to implement some of the more sophisticated security controls. Competitors could use information gained from your website to analyse your business activities and undercut your prices.

This brings us to the issue of regular HOUSEKEEPING especially file back-ups and frequent change of passwords. The loss or misuse of business data can put a business at a competitive disadvantage. The importance of businesses connecting to and using the internet in achieving social networking and marketing is very crucial to strategic business sustainability and e-commerce. The image of your business and the brands under which you trade, are valuable assets. It is therefore important to recognise that the use of e-commerce creates new ways for attacking both your image and brands. Every business should invariably take deliberate steps to secure their e-commerce systems.

Furthermore, when seeking any type of professional guidance, you should find out whether the adviser is familiar with businesses of your size or in your sector, or follow personal recommendations. For business startups and SMEs it is important to consult website design and hosting companies that have key interest in small businesses.

For advice on how to keep your wesite secure, click here to speak with a consultant.

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