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Blossom Catering is an outstanding independent catering company driven by a desire to provide the highest quality food and an elegant, personalised service to clients in the City of London; we offer a flexible approach to professional catering. We are happy to discuss your particular requirements, and can adapt an existing menu or create a new menu to order. We provide you with an excellent and outstanding service, which continuously brings you back for more.  We pride in what we do.

Speak to us first before you make any decisions concerning your events because we are sure to save you time, energy and money. Many of our clients have used Blossom Caterers for many years and we have come to think of them as friends; with every customer we provide a truly hands-on experience catered to your specific needs. They have come to rely on us to provide the best food, on time and to their exacting requirements. We do everything we can not to disappoint them.

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