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EngineEye.com is internet based company launched with a vision to make purchasing and selling a vehicle a great experience to the customer. With a aim to provide a simple layout and consumer friendly search tools, we seek to ensure that all buys and sells on our website are done based on trust and fairness through issuing Engine Eye approval on many of our ad postings.

If you can’t find or sell your car why not ask Engine Eye to do it for you. Just tell us your needs and we will recommend cars we have in stock that match them. Here at EngineEye.com we have vibrant young and experienced team members, who are driven to operate not on our terms but on yours, trying to establish the best deal not for us but for you – the customer.
EngineEye.com is not for some, it’s for everyone. With free ad postings and great deals we aim to appeal to every type of car user, from those who purchase a vehicle to match their luxurious lifestyle and to those of us who simply need a car to get from A-Z. On the technical side, the Engine Eye is a comprehensive used car search engine, which also delivers up to date car reviews, affordable HPI checks (through engine eye approvals), car information based on your region and an automated reminder system which alerts registered customers to any renewal dates on their vehicle. There are also many more innovative features such as our car social network and a blog for us to get to know more about you in our bid to build a relationship with you based on friendship.

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