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DJ Founded in 2000 is tasked with the command to ‘go out into all the world and preach the gospel’ and their objective is to provide products and services that will entertain, enrich and edify. DJ Ministry website is intended to allow individuals to listen to live sets, book and source DJs and become a member of a global DJ Network.

By housing local, national and international DJs, their skills can be honed and harnessed for the community at large. The purpose is to provide a platform for DJs who are purposed with propagating the Gospel. They have also embarked on staging Christ centred, high quality events, which aim to deliver positive vibes at every turn of the deck.

The mission of DJ Ministry is to strengthen existing networks and to open new channels of communication between DJs, artists, producers, promoters, managers, distributors, retailers and radio/TV announcers, by providing a forum for positive exchange.

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